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“This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider.





We believe that it is critically important for your child’s educational experience that they have a sense that a positive, healthy relationship exists between their parents, the School and their community. Citizens throughout the community,  not only support our schools through their tax dollars, but also through generous donations that allow us to improve our facilities and offer excellent learning opportunities for our students.


Donations also help us make opportunities accessible to all students, such as field trips, enrichment opportunities and some basics such as uniforms, clothing and food assistance. Educational Solutions Community of Schools  accepts cash, checks, and property donations.












How can I donate?


No contribution is too small!  If you would like to donate to our community of schools, you  may do so in the following ways:


Straight donation to a specific activity, club, organization or school. Examples include the annual academic fair, back to school supply drive, after school and  summer enrichment programs, teacher appreciation day, community garden program, etc. Ask us how you can help by completing the form below:



Monetary Donation to a school or to the School Division. Donors may send the donation through a specific school, or to the following address:

Department of Fiscal Services

1500 West 3rd Avenue Suite 125

Columbus, Ohio 43212


Donors should indicate whether the donation is intended for the School Division's "general fund" or for a specific school, department or project. (For example,  lighting upgrades, building and ground maintenance, academic fair, teacher appreciation day, experiential learning activities, school supplies, books, technology or equipment, etc.) Donors should also indicate whether they wish to remain anonymous. In that case, the only person who would be aware of the identity of the donor is the school board clerk, who distributes documentation of the donation from the school board. Documentation of the donation from the school board can take up to 8 weeks.


Property donation. The School Division accepts donations of material property, such as books, furniture, and equipment. Every property donation must be approved by the Department of Fiscal Services to ensure it meets safety standards. Donors should indicate whether they wish to remain anonymous.


Donation Receipts


Once a donation is received or documented by the Department of Fiscal Services,  a letter is sent to the donor for tax purposes. . Afterwards, the funds are deposited into the code designated by the receiving school or department.



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